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Afbeelding Electromechanics

Bachelors in electromechanics receive broad training in the disciplines of mechanics, electricity and electronics.

Main subject: Automation

The bachelor in electromechanics, main subject automation, combines expert knowledge and excellent skills in designing, building, trouble-shooting, repairing and maintaining automated machinery and equipment with the ability to do tear-downs and rebuilds. There is an urgent demand for his skills in industrial plants with a modern and competitive production apparatus increasingly becoming more automated and more complex.

Main subject: Electromechanics

The bachelor in electromechanics, main subject electromechanics, with his thorough knowledge of pneumatics, hydraulics, PLC, computer techniques, management, languages, CAD, CAM and CNC is employed from design to production. He is needed by a variety of organizations in the private and public sector.

Main subject: Heating-Ventilation-Airconditioning and Cooling

The bachelor in electromechanics, main subject climatization, is trained in the technologies applied in the air conditioning sector. He receives a sound training in designing, building and maintaining climatization installations. He realizes air conditioning in commercial and public buildings, factories, warehouses, conveyance and recreation facilities.

Bachelors in electromechanics render technical assistance to customers and users; are goal-, team-, customer- and innovation-oriented; show quality, safety and environmental awareness, responsibility, flexibility and self-reliance; plan, organize and have leadership qualities.